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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.1.6.9001
    # RLA
    - modify `vital_param_args()` into vital_param_pbr() for **PBR** and add `vital_param_rla()` for **RLA** and **PBR_nouveau**
    - all test modified and run correctly, examples of all function adapted
    * In `pellatomlinson_pbr()` convert `vital_param` into a function to ease its use
    * `pellatomlinson_pbr()` add `vital_parm` that gather MNPL, Rmax, K and z
    * vignettes old update (vignettes need to be simplified to run)
  • v0.1.6.9000
    # RLA
    * `citation("RLA")`updated with RLA paper in Frontiers